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Hi, my aunt Diane has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. According to the doctors, the cancer has metastasized. She has a mass on her neck as well. On the day she got sick, her heart stopped twice and she had a stroke. Currently, she has a tracheotomy, NG tube, and a colostomy bag. The feeding tube needs to be moved to her stomach however there isn’t any surgeon willing to do the surgery because they fear what will happen. They won’t do chemotherapy because she is not up and moving around. Everything with her happened so fast. I believe the same way that God raised Lazarus from the dead, I believe that he can heal my aunt and turn her situation around. I’m just pleading with God to heal her. I believe a great testimony will come from this. I pray that she is able to fully breathe on her on and have the tracheotomy removed so that she may be able to speak. I pray that she is able to get up out of that bed and walk around in Jesus name. I pray that God will stop that cancer from spreading and reverse it out in Jesus name.