Introducing My New Book:

Have you met our newest first time Amazon Best Selling Author?

Here she is, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder of God Is Bigger Than Ministries & Connected Through Cancer Foundation- Charlease M. Hatchett.

Grab your copy now.

Lift, Launch, Lead Book

I have joined the visionaries of the Lift, Launch, Lead Conference as a C0-Author and we have produced a powerful compilation of women’s stories to inspire, transform and guide other women to accomplish their purpose. If you are ready to take a leap of faith and fulfill your destiny, this volume is written especially for you.

It will encourage you to:

  • Pursue your dream to become an entrepreneur.
  • Make difficult yet life-changing decisions.
  • Be more than financially wealthy.
  • Overcome your fears and faith it.
  • Face your challenges with hope.
  • Take control of your health

These compelling stories will lift you up and launch you to where you need to be. They will strengthen your confidence as the authors reveal through their various experiences that all things are possible when you believe. Additionally, the stories will motivate you to achieve success in every area of your life.

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I am reading an amazing book: Lift Launch Lead. This is phenomenal. I am only through the second story and I am so moved by these women and so encouraged and empowered by their stories. All I can say is Pause Ponder and Pray!