Dear God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

I know you as a covenant keeping God and I thank you for revealing your covenant promises to me. You are my healer, deliverer, protector and most importantly my redeemer.  I thank you on this day at this hour for your son Jesus Christ being my savior and redeemer. I come before you on this day, Monday November 10, 2014 asking you to reveal yourself as the Great Physician that you are.  God, take control of this operating room, lead and guide the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, the physician assistants, the orderlies, the nursing assistants, the housekeepers and all who are involved in my surgery today.  Let them see you in all of your glory and radiance as Dr. Mani proceeds to crack open my chest to retrieve the mass attached to my thymus gland.  Cup your hands over his as he reaches on the inside of my body and removes this foreign object which has been causing so much discomfort to your servant Charlease.

Thank you for the blessing of knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy which you have knit together so beautifully. Thank you for imparting knowledge in the surgeons and all staff regarding your creation the human body. I pray not only for myself but all who are having surgery on this day at this hour at Memorial Hermann.  May true humility be seen here today as the operation takes place and healing flows from you.  I pray for benign results of this invader in my chest and for it to never attack in my system again. I pray for a complete recovery and health restoration so I can continue the good works you have set before me.  Protect the minds and hearts of my husband, Harold, our son James Harold and our daughter Arianna and everyone here standing in the gap for me on this day and every day. I lift your Son up before man on this day and every day for those you call to Him.

I dwell in your love, hope and strength always.

As the anesthesia takes over and I slumber, all praises honor and glory go to you.  In your Son Jesus name I pray,


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